It’s amazing how many children in Eastern Oklahoma County go hungry each day and how many hard-working families in our community struggle to provide basic necessities.  In early 2014 a small group of people met to discuss ways to help solve this local, humanitarian need.  From that first meeting, the Eastern Oklahoma County Resource Center (EOCRC), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was born, 9 years later we’re still at it, focusing on meeting the community’s  needs.  With the recent purchase of an acre or property in the Choctaw Industrial Park we are working toward our goal of constructing a modern resource center that will meet Eastern Oklahoma County’s needs, year-round.  This goal is achievable only with community-wide support and with tax-deductible charitable gifts.

EOCRC’s Vision is to provide a true resource center for those families in Eastern Oklahoma County that are in greatest need: a place that provides food, personal items, financial counseling, employment assistance, and access to other community resources...throughout the year!   It is our plan to partner with businesses, local civic organizations and churches to make this a true community project.  Bringing eastern Oklahoma county together to operate the Resource Center thereby consolidating many food rooms and pantries and having one central location for those in need to receive services.

EOCRC’s Mission is to minister to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those hurting across Eastern Oklahoma County by feeding the hungry while eliminating its causes.  Additionally, we strive to serve the needy by providing resources and loving the lonely by sharing Jesus. 

Making a Difference …Our impact speaks for itself, as hunger persists without respite. Over the course of the past ten years, EOCRC has distributed nearly 14,000 pounds of food alongside over $30,000 in gifts and essential items each Christmas. Each summer we have served over 4,000 meals to at-risk children and the summer of 2023 that number rose to over 5,400 served.

Beyond addressing immediate needs, EOCRC has also been committed to supporting local schools. Each year, we supply school essentials to more than 4,000 students across 26 school sites.

EOCRC's accomplishments in the communities of Choctaw, Nicoma Park, Harrah, Luther, Jones, and McLoud are made possible due to the generosity of numerous donors and the dedicated efforts of volunteers. We invite you and your organization to learn more about how you can become involved by visiting today. Together, we can truly make a difference and foster a stronger community.

Location is key to meeting the needs of the surrounding communities. Located at 1850 Commerce Drive in Choctaw, the EOCRC is centrally located to meet the needs in eastern Oklahoma County.

EOCRC Board 2022

Carol Modisette  -  President

Rick Sowell  -  Vice President

Cathy Jeffress   -  Secretary

Jody Brown  -  Treasurer

Board Members
Odis Adkisson
Wes Ashworth
Ann Belflower
Matt Blagg
Cheryl Burke
Tracy Gasbarra
Kelly Curry
Sara Hale
Jamie Kolar
Shelly Perkins
Lisa Ramsey
Shanna Sears