By donating to the Eastern Oklahoma County Resource Center (EOCRC), you are directly contributing to the fulfillment of our mission: to minister to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals across Eastern Oklahoma County. Through our efforts, we aim to not only feed the hungry but also address the root causes of hunger, striving to eliminate its prevalence altogether. Additionally, we are committed to serving the needy by offering essential resources and extending love to the lonely by sharing the message of Jesus. Your support enables us to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need, fostering a stronger, more compassionate community in Eastern Oklahoma County. Together, we can bring hope, relief, and transformation to individuals and families facing adversity.


How can you donate? You can donate online through our secure processing partner here or mail a check to: 
P.O. Box 1513
Choctaw OK, 73020
Contact Carol Modisette for additional options.

Carol Modisette: or 405.919.5538


What is the greatest need? There are many areas you can designate your donation for. You may also designate your donation to any of the following:

Active Programs
School Lice Kits
Foster Child College Kits
Summer School Feeding Program
Utility Assistance
EOC Christmas Party 
*20% of all donations made automatically become part of the facilities fund.